After months of testing and achieving our goal of making a 9 second pass in our own Viper, we are proud to offer this group of proven products as a package and guarantee the performance to be equal to that of our 9 second Viper.

This very package outlined below took our Viper to a speed of 143.08 in 9.92 seconds in the 1/4 mile!

UPDATE!!! This package recently took us to 9.777 @ 143.40 MPH!!!

Please note that our test Viper, a 1997 GTS was raced at stock weight with full exhaust and retains daily drivability. Our test track was Desoto Memorial Dragway in Bradenton, Florida during very warm weather.

Our 9 Second Package contains the following:

1. Complete Exhaust System including, Headers, 3" Cat-Back, high flow cats!

2. BTR Stage 2 cylinder head upgrade!

3 .1.7 Ratio Roller Rocker Arms and Pushrods!

4. BTR Stage 1 Nitrous Roller Cam!

5. BTR 2 Stage Nitrous Oxide/Propane Injection System!

6. BTR Max flow intake system!

7. Installation!

8. Before and after Dyno Pulls!

9. BTR drag race instructional video!

The complete package INSTALLED IS PRICED AT ONLY $16,950.00.

Also please note the following:

Safety equipment which will allow your car to pass NHRA/IHRA technical inspection and other drag race related items are available as options at the customers discretion.

Everything that we do will be in WRITING. I invite you to compare the above packages and pricing to our competition.

We will GUARANTEE TURNAROUND TIME. Your car will be finished and on its way back to you within a specific time period from the day we receive it, or we will PAY YOU a daily rate for your delay! Our BTR 550 will be 3 weeks, BTR 650 will be 3 weeks, and the Super Snake BTR 750 or 9 Second Package will be 4 weeks turnaround time.

All Power Gains are in Brake Horsepower(BHP). We use 15% for correction on Dynojet dynometers. This is the industry standard for the Viper. The horsepower numbers are based upon GEN 2 Vipers. For more information about our performance guarantee click here.

Please contact me for specific details and to get a copy of our sales contract and disclaimers.

Phone: 706-745-4888

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