Our performance guarantee is based upon actual data obtained from our own Vipers as well as data received from our customers vehicles. All performance gains are quoted in Brake Horsepower (BHP). This figure is derived from adding 15% driveline loss to rearwheel horsepower (RWHP) from Dynojet Chassis Dynometer pulls in 4th gear using SAE correction factors. This calculation is the industry standard. Products of untested combinations have no performance guarantee. No guarantee will apply should other products be substituted for BTR Performance Products i.e. our headers and someone else catback.

No product that has not been installed by BTR Performance will include a Performance Guarantee without a previous dyno pull that meets the above specifications.

BTR Performance is proud to offer the following Performance Guarantees:

BTR Header and Exhaust - 45-50hp without catalytic converters on all 1996 to 1999 Gen 2 Vipers that are otherwise in stock configuration.

BTR Severe Duty Halfshafts - Guaranteed to perform without breakage for 90 days from date of receipt.

BTR Performance Packages - Guaranteed to produce advertised horsepower on any Gen 2 Viper. All packages installed by BTR will be dyno tested. BTR reserves the right to cancel this guarantee on any package not installed by us, a certified Viper technician, or facility approved by us.

Cylinder Head Upgrades - 45hp guarantee on any Gen 2 Viper with our Stage 2 upgrade.

Max Flow Intake - 5hp on any stock Viper.

Should your Viper not make advertised power, BTR Performance reserves the right to have your Viper transported to our facility for inspection and dyno testing. This will be conducted at the owners expense should a discrepancy be found or the vehicle makes advertised power at our facility.

If after the above or at the discretion of BTR, any of our products or packages fail to produce guaranteed horsepower, BTR Performance will either replace them, offer a refund, or in the case of cylinder head and performance packages, offer the customer $100.00 for each horsepower that the vehicle falls short of advertised power. In any event, no labor hours will be refunded.

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