The sale and/or usage of our products in the state of California, and anywhere that emissions regulations exist, may be prohibited by law. Please consult the laws of the state in which you reside. BTR Performance, Inc. or it's affiliates will not held responsible for lawsuits or fines imposed on anyone utilizing our products in states where it is prohibited by law.

BTR Performance and its affilitates will in no way be held responsible for any damages to any vehicle, persons or property for any reason whatsoever. The installer/owner assumes all risks involved with the installation and use of these products. The items represented by BTR Performance are for high performance use and no warranty is either expressed or implied. Installation of an item is an acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms of this disclaimer.

With regards to vehicles being transported to BTR for service; BTR will in no way be held responsible for any damage whatsoever to any vehicle during transportation by any transportation company. We reserve the right to reject any vehicle to be found with transportation damage when arriving at our facility. Vehicles will be inspected and certified to be in "as delivered" condition before loading for return to owner.

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