BTR Viper Performance FAQ

BTR- Belanger's Exhaust


1) Does the car run warmer?
No! It actually runs cooler. The headers/exhaust dissipate heat quicker. There is less friction from lower backpressure.
2) Is there resonance from 1500-3000 RPM like other exhaust systems?
3) What gains can I expect?
We have documented 60+ Hp and 40 ft. lbs. torque with Cats removed.
4) Why Aluminized?
It is more flexible, can tolerate vibration better, and is easier to bend and weld.  It makes a nicer looking finished product, and dissipates heat faster. It has been the choice product for factory exhaust for decades. Once ceramic coated, it will last almost indefinitely.
5) Can I install it myself?
Absolutely. Designed for D.I.Y.'s.
6) Do I have to exchange any of my exhaust.
No. Save it to retain value of your stock Viper.
7) Any computer problems?
No. The computer does require a learning time of around 250-350 miles. During this time short bursts or W.O.T. are recommended.
8) Can I re-install factory heat shields?
9) Are the headers coated?
Yes, we use "Jet Hot" and "HPC", the best names in the industry.
10) Do I have to modify the frame of my Viper to fit the headers or exhaust?
11) Do oxygen sensor wires need to be cut and lengthened to fit?

BTR-NOS Nitrous Oxide/Propane Injection System


1) Why propane?
Cleanest burning, safest, cheapest, highest octane fuel additive available. No need to starve your injectors or add another fuel system.
2) How is the system activated?
By voltage from the Throttle Positioning Sensor. System is activated by 3 volts of throttle pressure.
3) Can I install at home?
Yes, and with normal shop tools.
4) Can the System/Wires be seen in the engine compartment?
No, this system is virtually invisible.
5) How/Where are the bottles mounted?
Bottles are mounted in the spare tire well with the supplied brackets.
6) How long do the bottles last?
About 12 mile runs for the Nitrous, about 60 runs for the propane.
7) Why inject before the butterflies instead of into the intake runners like other systems?
Safety feature. In the event of a solenoid stuck open Nitrous/Propane will flow out of the airbox when TB butterflies are closed unlike other systems which use Intake Runner Direct Port Injection where a stuck solenoid will result in nitrous flowing directly into the engine until the bottle is turned off or runs out.
8) Can I adjust the horsepower level and or run without propane?
Yes, several jets size combinations from 75 to 225 horsepower are included.
9) Do I need different spark plugs, and race gas?
10) Can my engine reliably handle the added power of nitrous?
Absolutely. Your engine has forged aluminum pistons, and a forged steel crankshaft. These are preferred components of any nitrous engine builder. The Viper engine also incorporates the same crankshaft bolt patterns as the legendary "Hemi" and today's 6000+ Horsepower top fuel engines.
11) Is nitrous safe for 2000 and on Vipers?
Yes, nitrous is safe for 2000 and on Vipers with their new cast pistons.

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