"Total Horsepower"

First, I'd like to offer my thanks in advance for your time and consideration of our NEW Performance packages.

Having been involved in drag racing and other forms of motorsports for the last 20+ years and racing engines ranging from 200+hp Volkswagon 4 cylinders to 1100hp naturally aspirated Big Block Mopar corporate engines, I have had the opportunity to fully investigate the positives and negatives of high horsepower engines and have arrived at only one possible solution for the Viper engine.

I'd like to call our solution "Total Horsepower". Total horsepower is my opinion of a well thought out combination of both internal and bolt-on engine parts that as a combination have no competitors where dollars spent for horsepower gained are considered.

One thing to consider is; as engine efficiency is increased it becomes exponentially harder to make more power. I have not seen a Viper engine that has produced more than 600 RWHP without some type of forced air induction.

Our engine packages naturally aspirated may only reach the 520 RWHP range but because of our design criteria they benefit fully from the safe and effective power of nitrous oxide injection which results in 750+ RWHP without compromising daily driveability.

Take a look at the packages we offer. Compare our products, pricing and Guaranteed power levels against our competitors. Consider the advantage of maintenance free "Total Horsepower" against a high maintenance, high cost, lower power producing naturally aspirated engine that is destroying itself with each and every revolution of its crankshaft.

To read our performance guarantee click here.

Please do not hesistate to contact us should you need more information about our packages.

Email: skyking650@aol.com
Phone: 706-745-4888

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