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Cylinder Head Airflow Data Sheet

Here are basic specifications and pricing for our Stage 2 Heads:

1. Complete Port and Polish including combustion chambers with flow numbers charted (will exceed 260cfm @ .550" lift on intake, 205 cfm @ .500" lift exhaust)

2. Mopar Performance 2.02" Intake Valves, 1.6-" Exhaust Valves(tulip)

3. Five Angle Valve Job

4. BTR exclusive Double Valve Springs

5. BTR exclusive Titainium Retainers/Locks

6. Valve guides, stem seals, valve seats

7. Surface mill of .010 min (we can mill further at your request)

8. 1.7 Ratio Roller Rockers

9. Hardened Pushrods

To see our cylinder head flow numbers click here. For a comparison of our flow numbers to our competitors click here.

All of the above PLUS our usual PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE! for an introductory price of $4,495.00 (with exchange of your heads)

Shop around, a set of heads that flow these numbers WITH adjustable roller rockers and pushrods will cost you THOUSANDS more.

Our STAGE 1 heads which ustilize the stock rocker gear and stock valves will be introductory priced at $2,795.00 (with exchange of your heads) and will be ported to flow at least 240 cfm @ .500

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Please contact me for specific details and to get a copy of our sales contract and disclaimers.

Phone: 706-745-4888

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