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BTR Performance Nitrous Oxide Solutions

First, you are reading this page for a few good reasons, 1) you desire more power from your Viper, 2) you are concerned about the return on your investment and the significance of "BOLT-ON" horsepower, 3) you are not interested in all of the hassles associated with performing "open heart surgery" on your Viper power plant which will surely invoke a higher degree of maintenance along with a lower degree of drivability, 4) finally, the horsepower gained in relation to dollars spent for comparable gains from alternate methods is NOT an attractive option.

We have been successfully installing and using Nitrous Oxide Injection for over 20 years. Our experience in combination with today's technological advances in performance engines and computers such as those found in our Dodge Vipers has led us to the design of very safe, powerful, and effective "Nitrous Solutions."

Our OWN Vipers have captured the eye of many Viper performance enthusiasts and our competition as we have posted outrageous horsepower and torque gains from our Nitrous Solutions.

We now offer a complete line of Nitrous Oxide Injection systems for the Dodge Viper which will offer enhancements starting at 50 and taking your engine up to 300+ REAR WHEEL Horsepower.

All of our Nitrous Solutions kits use the Nitrous Oxide Systems brand basic platform. This basic kit has far superior features to ANY other kit on the market for your Viper. Some features of ALL of our kits are:

15-Pound Nitrous Bottle with High Flow Valve, Gauge and Blow Down adapter!
Electronic, thermostatically controlled Nitrous Bottle Heater
Bottle Blanket
Electronic Fuel Enrichment…. Our kits DO NOT use your engines fuel to supplement Nitrous injection
Electronic WOT (wide open throttle switch) activation technology
Integrated factory appearing wiring harness, with Packard style connectors
Soft Flume Fogger Injectors for optimum atomization and distribution
18-page pictorial installation manual
And more………….

We are proud to offer the following combinations of Nitrous Solutions to suit the needs of ANY Viper owner:

Basic Kit (Dry System-NOS Only) - $ 1,190.00
Our basic kit…the platform for all of your future Nitrous needs, this kit will provide safe, effective gains to 75 rear wheel horsepower

NOS-Propane Injection…. For power gains up to 170 Rear Wheel Horsepower and 225 Rear Wheel Torque - $ 1,790.00

Our "bread and butter" kit…. has been proven to make over 600 RWHP and 750 RWTQ on mildly modified vipers. This Kit will put you in the 10's on stock radials! Kit includes our basic kit plus:

5 pound refillable DOT-ANSI approved propane bottle, Adapter to AN style fittings, propane pressure gauge, solenoids, jetting, braided high pressure feed lines and much more.

NOS-Gasoline Injection…For power gains up to 175 Rear Wheel Horsepower and 220 Rear Wheel Torque - $ 1,990.00

For those who want to use gasoline, but NOT FROM THE ENGINES FUEL INJECTORS, and certainly not by installing a fuel tank in the driver's compartment, we offer our exclusive gasoline injection system with this kit. You get all of the features of our basic kit plus:

Our exclusive Front Mount fuel cell, internally regulated and internally by-passed Quiet running electric fuel pump, billet style fuel filter, braided feed lines, solenoids, jetting and more

NOS-Gasoline-Propane…For power gains up to 220 Rear Wheel Horsepower and 450 Rear Wheel Torque - $ 2,490.00

Our Two-item combo! Guaranteed to produce 150+ rear wheel horsepower and 350+ rear wheel horsepower regardless of model year. Kit features a combination of our basic kit, our propane injection system and our gasoline injection system. Get incredible power with a/f ratios as rich as you want! Our included jetting combinations render air fuel ratios of 11.0 at max power gains.

TWO STAGE-NOS-Gasoline-Propane…For gains up to 300+ Rear Wheel Horsepower and 500+ Rear Wheel Torque - $ 2,990.00

For the Connoisseur. Our newest combination of power that when installed is unmatched in power and torque by ANY product for your Viper at ANY price! Bolt this on your stock Viper for incredible gains with NO ill effects as air fuel ratios with the gas-propane combination are very conservative, compression is not increased, cylinder temperature and pressures are far lower than those of other forced induction type power adders and the price for dollars gained is second to none in our industry. This kit includes all of the features of our Nitrous-Gasoline-Propane kit plus; Dual Soft Flume Fogger injectors, dual solenoids, dual braided feed lines, required electrical connections, second stage activation and more.

Purchase Kit upgrades individually at the following prices:

Gasoline Upgrade - $ 795.00
Propane Upgrade - $ 695.00
Two Stage Upgrade(only when both prop and gas are used) - $ 495.00


More Products to Come!!

Please see our Disclaimer , Warranty/Return Policy, and Performance Guarantee.



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